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Will Carmichael
Director — Prototype Development


Will, is all things prototype and client product development at The Urban Genius Foundation. He is on top of, and into every granular detail of a client’s prototype evolution. Will’s primary strategy is to listen to our inventor clients, work with them with their prototype or product development to ensure it is market ready.

Carmichael is an inventor/entrepreneur dreamer himself. He is bringing his own product to market, Strike Counter Pro. He will follow that products’ success with several other product inventors from his large inventor drawing board. His entrepreneurial history started in the fitness industry as a freelance personal trainer.

Corporate, Will was a regional manager for Vitamin Shoppe. He was a flight attendant for a vacation airline. Not so long ago, he achieved a bachelor’s degree in Macro biology.

Carmichael is an expert in the disciple of marital arts. He is both a teacher and an on-going student. His love for product development and The Urban Genius Foundations’ mission to help develop entrepreneurs in the technology sector in urban communities is what will help make our clients a success.



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